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Essex Bruiser

Hi, I’m Derek, the ‘Essex Bruiser’ and I have been a huge wrestling fan since a kid..always tuning into WoS on a Sat afternoon! I always made a pledge to myself that I wanted to learn to wrestle. I just love the sport. I love subs wrestling and pro-wrestling ...and at about 40' yrs old I had my very first comp match ...and I never looked back. I have loads of pro-gear, including 3 pairs of pro-boots. Lots of pro trunks, tights etc!...I have wrestled all over the UK and in many States in USA ..including Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia ..I love travelling for bouts and have even travelled to Greece...I am still wrestling to this day--it’s like a drug! Am always looking for new opponents and have made some great friends in this fantastic sport...and hopefully it will continue for a long while yet! I’m 78 kgs 5’10” and 56 years old.

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